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Spring 2014

Spring is here at last!

There should be distinct signs of life in the garden. Unfortunately that can include pests too, so watch out for showings of things like Eugenia Psyllid.

If not already done, keep working to improve your soil with things like sheep pellets, compost and blood and bone, especially in your vegetable gardens. Chitted potatoes can go in the ground now. Think about sowing capsicum seed in trays now, they take a long time to reach maturity. Sow bean, sweet corn and eggplant seeds. In your ornamental gardens, we think a little slow release or specific fertiliser is OK too!

If you put on mulch throughout the garden now, it is excellent for keeping in moisture over summer, suppressing weeds and then breaking down to improve the structure of your soil. We can help with this.

Start a spray programme for your roses so they are not afflicted with fungal problems and aphids.


Blooming Garden – We Do The Work – You Receive The Compliments!

Introducing the three “P’s” – working with “people’ in all sorts of “places” – introducing the right “products”.

Blooming Garden is your garden design and care company, specialising in on-going garden maintenance services as well as garden design, revamp and replantings.

If you need a tidyup, a few extra plantings and fresh mulch to make your garden look great for a property sale process, we're your team!  

Working with you to create the perfect garden for your particular space, Blooming Garden will bring to life the garden you have always dreamed of, one that suits your tastes and your needs.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as the quality of our staff. All our employees are fully security checked and we ensure that no job is ever left unfinished.  What more can you ask for?

***We currently only cover central Auckland.


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